Snaggle Tooth

The most snaggle toothiest badass of all.


The town of Felâket is, or at least was, a small agriculture community located in south
eastern Tamriel. The beets of Felâket are fairly renowned throughout Feralden for their size and
delicately sweet flavor. However, on the day we start our story, it was not beet juice that ran red through the streets of Felâket.
Early one autumn morning an orcish raiding party of surprising ferocity, even for orcs,
entered Felâket. By the time they left a few hours later, most of the buildings were smoldering
rubble, all of the males were crumpled corpses on the ground and those females that had not
been lucky enough to die in the initial attack had had unspeakable things done to them by the
Orcs. Lâle was one of a handful of this latter category. She had luckily been knocked
unconscious fairly early in the horrible spectacle and so only remembered bits and pieces of the
nightmare. A number of the survivors did not make it through the following week as their
injuries proved to great to overcome.
When the sun rose eight days after the assault, only five souls resided in Felâket. As Lâle
emerged from the least destroyed home, which all five had been staying in, she was the first to
see the approaching band of humans. This is how she came to know Dschinghis and Çapkın.
Dschingis was a dashing knight in shining armor and Lâle’s youthful mind, tramautized as it
was, imagined that now her ordeal must truly be over, for surely no harm could come to her with
someone so gallant around. Çapkın , the most talkative of the group of four, quickly charmed all
of the five survivors and acted the part of savior, horrified by their tales of woe, perfectly.
Within no time at all, Lâle and the other survivors had been convinced to leave Felâket and join
up with Dschinghis and Çapkın. Since, none of the Felâket survivors had ever been further than a
days walk from Felâket, they could not tell that Çapkın was not leading them to Denerim as had
been agreed upon. Instead, they were making their way towards the Redoran border.
With time, Çapkın’s kind facade began to fade. By the time Lâle began to see the cruelty
that existed within Dschinghis and Çapkın, it was too late. This is how Lâle came to be a slave at Zalim’s ludus. Zalim, Dschinghis and Çapkın’s employer, is respected and feared for the cruel
tactics he has utilized to make his ludus into one of the most succesful gladiatorial schools in
Redoran. The conditions of a young female slave at a gladiatoral school can be easily imagined
and so don’t need to be described in depth.

Snaggle Tooth, does not know any of this outside of his mothers name.

Five months after Lâle arrived, she gave birth to Snaggle Tooth. Ipekli, the only other
survivor of Felâket that had ended up at Zalim’s ludus, also gave birth to a half orc child around the same time. Like Snaggle Tooth, the name that this child’s mother gave him is not known, because they were not allowed to give them names as they were property of Zalim and so only he had naming privileges. Eventually he came to be known as One Eye after an unfortunate
incident when Çapkın caught him trying to steal one of Zalim’s famed silken scarves.
One Eye and Snaggle Tooth were raised more like fighting dogs than children. This
became even more true when they were four and their mothers were sold away so that Zalim
could have enough money to build a third statue of himself. Snaggle Tooth and One Eye
excelled at fighting and were actively sparring with the other slaves by the time they were ten.
When they were almost 14, Zalim received a special contract to provide entertainment to a
special delegation of foreigners visiting Redoran. Zalim decided that this would be the perfect
opportunity to present Snaggle Tooth and One Eye as they had become the most intriguing of his

The event was set to be held at an old fort called Preln’s Fall in far northern Redoran near
the intersecting point of Anvoril, Tamriel and Redoran. This was about a weeks journey from
Zalim’s ludus and Snaggle Tooth and One Eye were placed in chains and loaded into a wagon to
make the journey. This was the first time that Snaggles and One Eye had ever left the ludus and
it was quite a strange experience. One Eye who had much more resentment towards the ludus,
largely stemming from the incident with Çapkın cutting out his eye, began to see this as his
opportunity to escape and to get his revenge against Çapkın who was the one leading the trip. On
the third day of the trip they entered a town called Krel that was along the main road between
Denerim or Corinth. Since he was locked in the wagon, Snaggle Tooth has no idea what
happened. But at some point in the night a fight broke out in the inn they were located outside of and he distinctly heard Çapkın screaming out for support. After some sounds of combat things
subsided and then a large body was thrown into the back of the wagon with Snaggles and One
Eye, because of the dark it was hard to make out anymore than that it was a humanoid bound in
thick chains. While the body was thrown in, Snaggle Tooth heard Çapkın angrily mutter, “fuckin
Wardens.” After this scuffle, the wagon immediately left the town to continue towards Preln’s
After a few hours they pulled over to the side of the rode and Snaggle Tooth overheard
Çapkın say, “Lets show this meddling bitch what happens to the curious cat.” Çapkın had the
body dragged outside. What followed is ten minutes that replays in Snaggle Tooths mind over
and over.
Çapkın: Get me a bucket of water.
Çapkın: Wakey wakey you impudent fuck.
Sounds of kicking
Çapkın: Get up, warden scum.
Gryf: Remove your boot from my side slaver.
Çapkın: You aren’t in any position to give me orders son.
Gryf: I know you’re going to kill me so I’ll say what I damn well please.
Çapkın: Oh we’ve got a lippy one do we? I can do things worse than kill you, be sure of
Gryf: Whatever you do to me will be avenged, you be sure of that.
Çapkın: Yeah we will see about that, you don’t seem so high and might lying on the
ground like a dog.
Gryf: At least I don’t live like a dog.
Sounds of violent kicking.
Çapkın: Keep you tongue civil.
Gryf: (coughing) I will…speak civil…to those that…are civil.
Çapkın: Why the fuck are you looking for me.
Gryf: I think you know.
Çapkın: It doesn’t matter what I know, it matters what you think you know. Why are the
wardens interested in me?
Gryf: Lets just say we know about Yeşil Taşak.
(Çapkın loudly and explicatively cursing)
Çapkın: You think you about Yeşil Taşak, do you well lets have you meet one of the
results. Get the one eyed one out here.
(One Eye is grabbed and taken out of the wagon.)

Çapkın: Go ahead and kill him boy.
One Eye: What?
Çapkın: I said kill him now get to it.
Gryf: Damn so it is true, you slavers are a disgusting breed.
Çapkın: Shut it dog and you, get on with it and kill him or I’ll take the other eye. Now get
to it!
(Sounds of a scuffle, Snaggle Tooth is never sure of exactly what happened here and that
will haunt him for a long time.)
Çapkın: What the fuck was that?!?!
Guard 1: The fuckin brute got me, he fuckin got me.
Gryf: Ha.
Çapkın: You stupid stupid orc, what were you thinking? After all Zalim and I have done
for you.
(Bloody gurgling presumably from One Eye)
Çapkın: Fuck, Zalim is gonna be pissed. We only have one of the beast now.

At this point it sinks in to Snaggle Tooth what has happened. He goes into a blood thirsty
rage and somehow rips through the chains holding him down. When he regains mental clarity
and can tell what is happening Çapkın and all four of the guards lie dead on ground, Gryf is
looking at him slightly awed slightly horrified, and Snaggle Tooth is on the ground cradling One
Eye’s lifeless body. Gryf eventually calmed Snaggle Tooth down and convinced him to free him.
Not knowing what else to do or where he could possibly go, Snaggle Tooth was convinced by
Gryf to accompany him to a secret Warden compound in southern Anvoril called Bekçi. While
journeying, Gryf explained to Snaggles that Yeşil Taşak was a program implemented by
gladiatorial slavers in Redoran to monitor small towns in the foreign countries, especially parts
of Tamriel near the uncontested territory, for Orc attack. When they found a village they would
find the women they thought were likely pregnant with half orcs and would bring them back as
slaves to Redoran where their children would be raised as the most prized gladiators in Redoran.
Some even believed that the slavers had some form of communication with Orcs and gave them
money to target certain villages and leave females alive. Although this theory was never proved
and is discounted by many as a conspiracy theory.
Through his time with Gryf, Snaggle Tooth began forming a strong moral commitment to
protect the weak so that things like what had befallen his mother would not happen to others. He
travelled with Gryf for almost a year, conducting warden business in southern Anvoril and
northen Redoran. He began to get a reputation within the wardens for his vicious combat
prowess and his kind gentle heart. However, a reputation also started to spread about the
Warden’s utilization of Orcs, which obviously did nothing to help how they were viewed by the
public. The Blades especially helped spread these rumors in order to vilify this ‘lawless barbaric’ group. Eventually the Wardens were forced to tell Snaggle Tooth that he could no longer be involved in official Warden business. It was especially hard on Gryf who had come to view
Snaggles as the giant green son he never had.
Although they had done a few assaults against traveling slavers, Gryf had been able to
convince Snaggles that the luduses themselves were too well defended to be attacked directly.
No one was sure who, but someone quite powerful in Redoran had a vested interest in keeping
them safe and operational.
So when Snaggle Tooth left Gryf he didn’t immediately rush to crush Zalim as his heart yearned to do. Instead he headed out on the road looking for Malfurion Stormrage. Gryf had told him that there might be room for him within the Reavers. However, the desire to destroy the slavers still burns deep in Snaggle’s heart.

Snaggle Tooth

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