First encountered in the dungeons outside of the city of Waterdeep, Sinistra was kept as a prisoner for unknown reasons. Freed by the Scarves in their attempt to escape, she proved to be a valuable ally, often displaying considerable magical talent that appeared dependent upon and bolstered by the intricate tribal tattoos covering her entire body. Completely bald and lithe, Sinistra quickly displayed a brash arrogance and a strong desire for revenge, although for what she did not say.

Sinistra perished at the hands of Baron Udmori just before the Scarves could make their escape from the dungeons. With her last breath, she revoked the terrible curse the Baron had laid upon Snaggles. After Snaggles had slain the Baron in rage, he swore that he would find the means to resurrect Sinistra.

Several months later, in the layers of the Nine Hells of Baator, Snaggles would fulfill his promise. As part of the agreement forged with the devil Anur-Shub and then later honored by the erinyes Nimrisr, Sinistra was brought back to life.



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