Fly Like an Eagle...or a Zebra

Following their disastrous attempt at apprehending Meph that left Edmund with a gaping hole in his leg and Snaggles almost possessed, the Scarves determined to use more subtle means of locating their target. After several interrogations of various individuals, the Scarves were able to locate a potential hideout of Meph’s in the slums district, not far from a murder scene that had just occurred involving an orc politican named Gromnir (the Scarves determined that Meph was involved in the murder).

Unfortunately for Ezekiel and Edmund, Snaggles had visited a certain herb merchant prior, who had supplied the barbarian with a copious amount of powerful hallucination drugs. Stoned out of his mind, Snaggles decided that he was a striped zebra and began destroying much of the first and second rooms of the hideout, despite that both rooms were heavily trapped. Resolving that they should at some point take away the scarf of shifting disguise from Snaggles, Ezekiel and Edmund proceeded farther into the hideout, only to set off a massive trap and realize that the only means of disabling the countdown had been eating (literally) by Snaggles earlier.

Unable to fully escape the resulting explosion from the countdown, the adventurers were catapulted onto a nearby rooftop, upon which Edmund identified Mepth watching from a short distance. Rolling deftly to his feet, Edmund gave the shape-shifter chase over rooftops while Snaggles sat on the rooftop, continuing the pretense that he was a real zebra. Edmund finally caught up with Meph and succeeded in tripping him, entangling him with a deftly thrown rope. Unfortunately, the shape-shifter quickly assumed an insectoid form and began cutting through the ropes.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel and Snaggles arrived upon the scene high above, making use their bootings of flying. In a rather rare display of quick-tbhinking, Snaggles assumed the form of a rhino and plummeted to the earth directly above of the struggling Meph. The resulting contact caused the entire roof to cave in, utterly pinning Meph underneath the rumble and crushing most of his chest. As the city erinyes patrollers arrived upon the scene, the Scarves were able to turn Meph over to the authorities, although they themselves were brought in for questioning. Once their innocence was confirmed, the Scarves were released and informed that Meph had been summarily executed.

Prior to their leave of Grenpoli, Ezekiel had captured the interest of one erinyes sergeant, who gave him the location of her abode for pleasure later. Snaggles, still eager to lose his virginity, took it upon himself to assume the likeness of Ezekiel and ventured out to meet this sergeant. Unbeknownst to him, Edmund had informed the erinyes that the poor soul liked to be abused. Accordingly, the erinyes sergeant began to systematically strip away Snaggles’ remaining innocence. Beaten, prodded, and penetrated, a broken Snaggles could only emerge as a broken man from such an encounter, although he made sure to acquire the erinyes’ largest and most debilitating dildo for future surprise use on his rogueish companion.

Their business concluded and their pact with Anur-Shub fulfilled, the trio decided to return to Kardum’s lair with a little less spring in Snaggles’ step.



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