Revenge of the Black Dildo

Upon returning to Kardum’s fortress for their just rewards, the Scarves were ambushed by Bel himself, who teleported into the antechamber and blocked all of the exits with magical fire. Enraged that his meticulous plans had been foiled by the trio, Bel attacked with several devil minions to assist him.

Nevertheless, Bel’s aspect proved to be no match for the Scarves, who subsequently vanquished him and rendered him roaring with rage and frustration in his dark fortress on the first layer of the Nine Hells. With the archdevil gone, Nimrisr approached the adventurers and thanked them for their assistance in uncovering Anur-Shub’s treachery and blocking Bel’s attempt to usurp Lord Baalzebul. In reward for their efforts, Nimrisr completed the resurrection of Sinistra, Snaggles’ first love interest. She also introduced them to the an Sphere of Planar Shifting, located within one of the basements of Kardum’s fortress. Professing no use for the Sphere and yet knowing little about how to actually operate it, Nimrisr left the adventurers to their own devices and bade them farewell, blowing one last kiss to Ezekiel.

Once the group had climbed inside the Sphere, Ezekiel began to study the complex control mechanism. After some study, he successfully powered the machine and the Scarves finally left the Nine Hells of Baator. As countless planes appeared and slid by around them, Snaggles suddenly determined that this would be the opportune time to subject Edmund to the terrible fate that the half-ord had been planning since his dominatrix encounter with the erinyes sergeant. A scuffle ensued as Edmund desperately attempted to avoid Snaggles’ bear hug while Ezekiel attempted to determine which of the planes around them was their home. Hearing the fight behind him, Ezekiel chose at random and the outside of the transparent sphere was suddenly surrounded by dark blue water.

The severe jolt as the Sphere fully materialized onto the chosen plane caused Snaggles’ to lose his grip on the monstrous dildo, whoch flew from his hand and smashed against one of the glass panels, crackin it. The Scarves watched in horror as the fine cracks grew wider and wider, with small drops of water now leaking into the machine. Ezekiel quickly fumbled with the controls, desperate to reactive planar travel before all of the glass panels ruptured. Unfortunately, he mistakenly shut off the machine, which shuddered as it powered down. Growing increasingly desperate as the cracks continued to worsen, Ezekiel continued to pull the various knobs and levers of the machine to activate it, but to no avail. Even the assistance of Sinistra proved to be of little assistance.

Just as water began to completely cover the sphere’s floor, several amphibian humanoids appeared outside the cube. As the glass panels broke one by one and water cascaded into the device, Sinistra cast water breathing on all the party members and each one was helped out of the increasingly flooded cube by the seemingly peaceful aquatic creatures. With the ring of languages, Ezekiel was able to communicate with them and determine that there was a underwater village nearby. Following the anguillians, the Scarves left the device behind and swam to the village, which they discovered was built into the side of a gigantic sea mountain.

Upon reaching the village, the anguillian patrol leader introduced the Scarves to Vishkal, a sea nymph and the leader of the anguillian village. Confirming that the party were indeed upon their home plane, Vishkal informed them that they were located in the Tamorean Vast, an enormous stretch of ocean north of the continent of Feralden. Unfortunately, travel to Feralden was would require several weeks and safety was not guaranteed due to the terrible storm giant who ruled over the area. Named Tamoreous, the giant ruled the Tamorean Vast with a cruel fist and had placed the anguillians under the reins of slavery for some generations.

In return for the Scarves assistance in freeing the anguillians from Tamoreus’ rule, Vishkal promised to use all her power to assist the adventurers in finally returning home. After some discussion, the Scarves determined that the best means would be to assault Tamoreus in his lair within the Rift, hundreds of feet below the village. Unfortunately, they also knew that they could not survive the bleak cold temperatures for very long and were unable to determine a means of circumventing that fact.

Fly Like an Eagle...or a Zebra

Following their disastrous attempt at apprehending Meph that left Edmund with a gaping hole in his leg and Snaggles almost possessed, the Scarves determined to use more subtle means of locating their target. After several interrogations of various individuals, the Scarves were able to locate a potential hideout of Meph’s in the slums district, not far from a murder scene that had just occurred involving an orc politican named Gromnir (the Scarves determined that Meph was involved in the murder).

Unfortunately for Ezekiel and Edmund, Snaggles had visited a certain herb merchant prior, who had supplied the barbarian with a copious amount of powerful hallucination drugs. Stoned out of his mind, Snaggles decided that he was a striped zebra and began destroying much of the first and second rooms of the hideout, despite that both rooms were heavily trapped. Resolving that they should at some point take away the scarf of shifting disguise from Snaggles, Ezekiel and Edmund proceeded farther into the hideout, only to set off a massive trap and realize that the only means of disabling the countdown had been eating (literally) by Snaggles earlier.

Unable to fully escape the resulting explosion from the countdown, the adventurers were catapulted onto a nearby rooftop, upon which Edmund identified Mepth watching from a short distance. Rolling deftly to his feet, Edmund gave the shape-shifter chase over rooftops while Snaggles sat on the rooftop, continuing the pretense that he was a real zebra. Edmund finally caught up with Meph and succeeded in tripping him, entangling him with a deftly thrown rope. Unfortunately, the shape-shifter quickly assumed an insectoid form and began cutting through the ropes.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel and Snaggles arrived upon the scene high above, making use their bootings of flying. In a rather rare display of quick-tbhinking, Snaggles assumed the form of a rhino and plummeted to the earth directly above of the struggling Meph. The resulting contact caused the entire roof to cave in, utterly pinning Meph underneath the rumble and crushing most of his chest. As the city erinyes patrollers arrived upon the scene, the Scarves were able to turn Meph over to the authorities, although they themselves were brought in for questioning. Once their innocence was confirmed, the Scarves were released and informed that Meph had been summarily executed.

Prior to their leave of Grenpoli, Ezekiel had captured the interest of one erinyes sergeant, who gave him the location of her abode for pleasure later. Snaggles, still eager to lose his virginity, took it upon himself to assume the likeness of Ezekiel and ventured out to meet this sergeant. Unbeknownst to him, Edmund had informed the erinyes that the poor soul liked to be abused. Accordingly, the erinyes sergeant began to systematically strip away Snaggles’ remaining innocence. Beaten, prodded, and penetrated, a broken Snaggles could only emerge as a broken man from such an encounter, although he made sure to acquire the erinyes’ largest and most debilitating dildo for future surprise use on his rogueish companion.

Their business concluded and their pact with Anur-Shub fulfilled, the trio decided to return to Kardum’s lair with a little less spring in Snaggles’ step.

A Date with Meph, or How Snaggles Uncovered the Truth about Love

After completion of Nimrisr’s tasks, the Scarves returned to Kardum’s fortress and determined that the package they had just intercepted was actually a magical storing cube, containing detailed knowledge of the Bastion of Filth, the home of Baalzebub, the Lord of the 7th Layer. Now convinced that Anur-Shub was dealing in treachery and likely in league with Lord Bel, the archdevil of the 1st Layer, Nimrisr urged the Scarves to continue their services for Anur-Shub and attempt to uncover more evidence of his betrayal.

Anur-Shub’s next task, however, was an unsual one. The cunning devil tasked the Scarves with infiltrating the city of Grenpoli, regarded as the political center of the Nine Hells. With the powerful erinyes Mydemn serving as the supreme power in the city, Grenpoli had become a city of refuge, the gigantic walls of the city pulsating with powerful magical runes that relieved all those who entered of their weapons. With combat and weaponry strictly forbidden, Grenpoli had become home to a great many devils and outsiders who sought refuge against assassins. Accordingly, Anur-Shub tasked the group with locating and eliminating an individual named Meph within the city. Although Anur-Shub could provide only scant information regarding Meph, he did inform the Scarves that their target was a shapeshifter.

Upon entering the city of Grenpoli, the Scarves were indeed relieved of their weapons and as such began to rely solely on their wits. As they passed the red light district on their way to the Market Square, Snaggles began to make inquiries as to whether Ezekiel would assist him in finally dispelling his virginity. Unable to fully describe the vigors and trials of such sexual processes to Snaggles, Ezekiel determined that perhaps the best means of doing so was to introduce Snaggles to a brothel.

After locating such an establishing in the red light district, Ezekiel approached the Madam and delicately requested that Snaggles be paired with someone appropriate for his size and temperment. Upon seeing Snaggles eyeing the frail, delicate elven lass, Ezekiel’s sense of forboding grew ever greater. The Madam suggested Idunna of the Exotic East, a suggestion that was accepted by the group. After reaching Idunna’s room, Ezekiel, proving himself to be an inseparable companion to the other dexterity-challenged Snaggles, helped his friend out of his plate armor and left the room. Knowing full well how such an encounter would likely end, Ezekiel and Edmund remained outside of the room, with the rogue peering through the door keyhole with boyish excitment and delight at what was to come.

Snaggles, following Idunna’s instructions, laid down on the bed and was subsequently stunned when he began to receiving blow after blow from some giant cudgel, an instrument whose form he had never witnessed before. Realizing that the scrawny Ezekiel must subject himself to such savagery constantly, Snaggles resolved that if his friend could perform such feats, then he could do. Unfortunately, Snaggles determined that the most appropriate means of showing enthusiasm for such meant returning blows with poor Idunna. After a fierce battle that left Snaggles locked in chains, Ezekiel determined that the best course of action at the moment was to sing The +2 Song. Emboldened by the beautiful melodies, Snaggles quaffed a potion of enlargement, an action he would immediately regret as his enlarged form crashed through the ceiling and became wedged.

Hearing the destruction inside, Edmund and Ezekiel burst inside to a gigantic, naked Snaggles and a prone, unconscious Idunna. With nearing everything destroyed and the Madam of the brothel in a foaming rage, the Scarves quickly extracated themselves from the carnage and left before further damage could be done.

After reaching the Market Square and entering the music lounge Jax, the Scarves quickly determined that an individual matching the particular traits of Meph often frequented the bar, asking for a certain wine named chulla. Ezekiel, determining that this would be an ideal time to display his musical talent, began to play for the crowd, culminating in a delightful duet with Billy Bob, the banjo-playing zombie. While Ezekiel was absorbed in his performance and Snaggles was quickly occupying himself with a bar brawl with a horned devil, Edmund spotted a suspicious looking individual and followed her out of the lounge and through the market square before losing track of her in the crowds. Returning to the bar and cleaning up the damage that Snaggles had managed to inflict upon the bar, Edmund uncovered that the individual he had seen was in the personal employment of a certain Lord Teblin.

At the mention of the name Teblin, Ezekiel and Snaggles’ hearts stilled with horror as they remembered endless discussions of innane topics, an obsession with goblin skulls, and his incredible ability to annoy the great and powerful being known as the Dungeon Master. With the use of Teblin as batting practice serving as one of Snaggles’ fondest memories, he could only tremble in fear at the thought of what terrible force could bring such a wretched soul back into existence. Nonetheless, a plan was quickly formed to infiltrate Teblin’s mansion, although an intense argument emerged as to what form Ezekiel should take using the scarl of disguise.

After reaching and survey Teblin’s guarded mansion, Edmund infiltrated the grounds alone while Snaggles and Ezekiel attempted to peacefully bypass the front guards. Edmund, after entering the home and reaching the second floor, tripped a magical trap and was imprisoned by Meph and Teblin. Meanwhile, Ezekiel and Snaggles had managed to infiltrate the mansion and could also look on in disgust at the the many statues that Teblin had erected of himself, complete with a prostrate Ezekiel and Snaggles groveling before his feet. Encountered Meph disguised as Edmund, the duo was falsely led to a section of the mansion and then locked in a poisonous gas chamber. With quick thinking, Ezekiel used his abilities to break free and the two quickly began their search for the traitorous Edmund. Unfortunately, they ran right into a floating Teblin, who pronounced his hatred for the duo and fly directly at Snaggles and actually possessed him. Realizing that the infernal gnome was inside of him, Snaggles went berzerk and began running from room to room, smashing his head into the wall at every opportunity as Teblin struggled to gain control of Snaggles’ body.

When they were finally able to locate Edmund, they found not one but two Edmund locked in a scuffle on the floor. With each declaring that he was the true Edmund, Snaggles took it upon himself not only to identify the correct Edmund but also to expel Teblin from him. As such, Snaggles bent down and bit savagely into the leg of one of the Edmunds. Unfortunately, he chose poorly and extracated a chunk from the real Edmund while the disguised Meph made his escape. With a now furious real Edmund, the trio was able to extract Teblin from Snaggles body, a success that made the gnome scream in rage and disappear through the mansion walls. Shortly afterwards a self-destruction timer was activated and the entire mansion exploded, although Snaggles was able to pick up his companions and sprint for safety.

Returning to the Jax lounge, the trio determined that their previous direct approach was not as successful as they hoped and instead began to devise more subtle means of making Meph expose himself. Meanwhile, a thoroughly enraged Edmund held malice in his heart for Snaggles, who himself could not take his mind off the seemingly impossible feat of the scrawny and physically weak Ezekiel crushing his female opponents time and time again in that pitched battle known as love-making.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Choosing Sides

Following the Scarves’ departure from Stygia, Nimrisr tasked the group with uncovering Anur-Shub’s diabolical treachery. Informing the adventurers that she had identified a messenger carrying something of great value to a fixed Layer Gate in the desolate wastes of Maladomini, Nimrisr requested the Scarves that they intercept the messenger and his protection, slay indiscriminately, and retrieve the important package. The winged she-devil further revealed that her spy contacts had provided evidence that Anur-Shub was in allegiance with the archdevil Bel, the Lord of Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. According to Nimrisr, Anur-Shub’s package was sensitive enough to avoid the risks of teleportation and potential scrying from others; hence the physical travel to the Layer Gate.

After laying out the details of the plan, the Scarves selected a gigantic bridge over a chasm of molten sludge as their ambush site. Warning the adventurers that they would be making enemies of the powerful archdevil if Bel was truly involved, Nimrisr magically teleported the group to their selected location in order to prepare the ambush.

Arriving in the desolate wastes of Maladomini, the Scarves quickly set about constructing a viable ambush. Ezekiel, determining that a single line of large columns were all that were responsible for the bridge’s stability above the molten river, ventured beneath the bridge itself and awaited a signal from Snaggles. Once alerted, Ezekiel planned to destroy at least one of the columns with sonic force, hoping that doing so would either confuse the messenger’s bodyguards or perhaps even dispatch some of them into the boiling mass below. Snaggles decided that he would be the bait and thus awaited the approaching targets at the end of the bridge in “Giant Snaggles” form. Edmund, spotting ample hiding places on both sides of the bridge, moved into position and waited.

The Scarves did not have to wait long before the targets arrived at the opposite end of the bridge, throwing up large dust clouds in their wake. The messenger proved to be well-guarded, counting numerous devils as his bodyguards, including a gigantic armored fiend wielding the longest spear that Snaggles had ever seen. Despite several attempts at intimidating the group, Snaggles’ roars were overpowered by the pervading terror that the other devils seemed to harbor for the metal-plated fiend. Steadily the group advanced towards Snaggles’ position before suddenly disappearing entirely from view.

Caught off-guard, Snaggles began to blindly swing his greatsword in the air in wild arcs, secretly desiring to slice the heads off such impudent creatures. Unfortunately, some of the flying creatures (which did not disappear) took notice of Edmund’s hiding spot and began attacking. Discovering that the ambush was not going according to plan, Ezekiel began strumming his guitar, preparing to unleash sonic power on the pillars.

As Ezekiel set the trap in motion, Snaggles came under attack from the fiends, who reappeared in front of him. Enraged, Snaggles began to open a can of whoop-ass on the fools who would dare hurt him. With his powerful blows, Snaggles was able to hold back much of the devil force until Ezekiel could unleash his musical power, thereby shattering several of the columns and causing most of the central parts of the bridge to break away and fall into the chasm below, taking numerous devils to their demise. The messenger was effectively trapped, stranded on the other side of the bridge while the rest of his bodyguards were engaged across the chasm with Snaggles.

After slicing through several of the devils like hot butter, Snaggles and the giant metal fiend began a deadly dance of blades. Unfortunately for Snaggles, several of the remaining support demons cast several enhancing spells on the metal fiend, causing the creature to increase in strength and speed. Already enraged, Snaggles soon succumbed to the power of the Hellfire Blade and entered into a berserking madness.

While Ezekiel and Edmund were preoccupied dealing with the small winged creatures, the hulking metal fiend summoned several of its companions, who quickly surrounded Snaggles and threatened to overpower him. Simultaneously, Anur-Shub’s messenger displayed a tremendous feat of acrobatics and leaped over the chasm gap. Edmund, dispatching his foe and seeing the messenger trying to escape, quickly chased after it and managed to bring the grotesque creature to the group with a well-aimed lasso from his trusty rope.

AS Ezekiel and his winged opponent battled to the death, Edmund quickly knifed his target in the back and slew him, finally accomplishing their goal. Meanwhile, Snaggles, upon realizing that he was no match for three hulking metal fiends, succumbed to the sinister whisperings of his armor and transformed into a terrifying pit fiend. The newly demonic Snaggles, still in a berzerker rage, effortlessly annihilated the remaining fiends and scoured the area for fresh kills. Edmund, observing this chain of events, hid behind the fallen corpse of the messenger while Ezekiel finally outlasted his crafty opponent underneath the bridge.

With a gigantic leap, Snaggles leaped off the edge of the bridge and began to fly around the area, basking in his newfound power and flight ability. Still in the throes of madness, Snaggles began to fly away from the battlefield in order to further his lust for killing. Ezekiel, who by this time had emerged from underneath the bridge structure, conversed with Edmund and both realized that unless Snaggles was somehow lured back, it would likely mean his death once he reverted back to his normal form.

Displaying great ingenuity, Ezekiel created a great dust cloud and cast Flare high into the sky, thereby gaining demonic Snaggles’ attention. Snaggles quickly wheeled around and dove for his two companions, intent upon butchering them. Seeing impending death approaching them at breakneck speeds, Ezekiel cast Fascinate upon Snaggles, hoping to pacify his murderous lust until he regained control of himself. Nevertheless, Snaggles displayed remarkable willpower and resisted Ezekiel’s attempts to enthrall him. Unfortunately for Snaggles and quite fortunately for Ezekiel and Edmund, the knowledge of a proper landing was not imparted to Snaggles when he transformed into a pit fiend. With a thunderous crash, pit fiend-Snaggles slammed into the red ground and lost consciousness. Relieved that they had not be torn apart, Ezekiel and Edmund quickly readied to heal Snaggles once he returned to normal form.

After some time, Snaggles regained his natural form and awoke, having been quickly healed by Edmund and Ezekiel. Possessing little knowledge of what had just transpired, Snaggles could only gaze at the blood-stained and sweat-soaked forms of his comrades and wonder what had possibly transpired.

Anur-Shub's Second Task, the Hellfire Blade, and Escape from Stygia

Having vanquished the disciple of Set and claimed his bear form testicles, the Scarves ventured into the sewer depths beneath the Temple of the Scourging Storm. After some time, they emerged into the lower levels of the temple itself, first ascending into the temple’s dungeons.

Vanquishing several Set disciples guarding the room, the Scarves quickly determined that the dungeon housed a number of prisoners. Seeking to further fulfill Anur-Shub’s soul request, Snaggles quickly slew each one and captured their souls using the Soul Gem. The last victim, however, turned out to be a angelic winged humanoid who, upon waking from his wounds, identified himself as Ajax. Originally from the plane of Celestia, Ajax revealed that he had been sent to infiltrate Set’s temples, although he did not elaborate further. Despite heated discussion amongst the Scarves, the decision was made to kill the aasimar as well. Before Snaggles could do so, however, Ajax cursed his executioner.

Delving back into the sewers, the party emerged in another section of the temple, this time in a room containing a gigantic blade suspended in air. After defeating the sword’s stone guardians, Snaggles claimed the blood-red sword for his own. The Scarves were immediately attacked by a priest of Set and two serpent-like humanoids, an attack they quickly repulsed. Nevertheless, Snaggles soon fell victim to the depths of his rage and began to blindly lash out at both friend and foe. Ezekiel, thinking quickly, succeeded in fascinating Snaggles with the use of a spell and thus prevented their likely murders. After the blood madness had left Snaggles’ eyes, Ezekiel released him from the effects of the spell and they continued through the temple.

After some further exploration, the Scarves finally arrived in the room housing the energy source projecting the magical barrier defenses around the temple. Before they could destroy the device, however, the high priest of the temple appeared and transformed into a gigantic version of the jackal-headed creatures that the Scarves encountered outside the city walls. A fierce fight ensued, with the Scarves nearly succumbing to the awesome power of Set’s blessed. Nevertheless, Ezekiel called upon his inner strength and unleashed Big Bang for the first time, dealing terrible structural damage to the temple and greatly wounding the high priest, giving Snaggles and Edmund an opportunity to deal killing blows. With the high priest dead, the Scarves destroyed the magical defense devices and quickly escaped to the sewers just as the rival temple’s forces began their assault.

Encountering Nimrisr in the sewers, she offered to teleport them back to Maladomini before the temple collapsed around them. Agreeing, the Scarves found themselves back in Kardum’s fortress. After dismissing them, Nimrisr requested that Ezekiel remain within her quarters and then quietly imparted the knowledge that Anur-Shub was likely using the Scarves for his own ends. Warning Ezekiel of the devil’s treachery, Nimrisr offered her assistance in the matter, provided that the Scarves lend their aid toward her own designs. After agreeing to heed her warnings and discuss the proposition with the rest of the Scarves, Ezekiel fell victim to his sexual urges and spent the night with Nimrisr, who assisted him in further exploring his dirgesinging talent.

The next morning, Nimrisr revealed that the blade that Snaggles had claimed was the Hellfire Blade, a cursed but powerful sword that drove the wielder into a berserker madness after several kills. She also revealed that the curse of the sword required that once unsheathed, the sword would require the taste of blood. Nimrisr also identified many of the magical items that the Scarves had claimed during the course of their adventures in Hell, revealing that the armor Anur-Shub had gifted Snaggles’ had cursed him, altering his personality and thus suggesting evil urges within him.

Anur-Shub's Second Task

After completing Anur-Shub’s first task, the Scarves returned to Kardum’s fortress, badly injured from the ordeal. Upon their return to the fortress, Anur-Shub revealed to the party that the second task was to infiltrate a certain temple of Set named the Temple of the Scourging Storm, located within his domain on the Hell realm of Stygia. Warning the adventurers that everyone found within the temple must die, the devil also requested that the party ensure the souls of any of Set’s thralls or slaves that they encountered. To do this, Anur-Shub gave Snaggles a brilliant blue sapphire.

Once the adventurers restocked their supplies and rested, Anur-Shub opened a portal to Stygia, which would place them just oustide of Set’s city of Ankugawaht. The Scarves stepped through and entered yet another layer of the Nine Hells of Baator, this one very different from Maladomini. Stygia proved to be a blasted, frozen wasteland teeming with undead, a fact that Anur-Shub had neglected to mention.

Upon their arrival, the party found themselves located not far from a strange obelisk with a giant blue insectoid toiling on it. After hailing the party down, the strange creature demanded to know what the adventurers thought of the great work. Quickly revealing himself to be the artist, the insectoid creature continued to press the party on their reactions to the work and even attempted to garner how they might improve upon it. Ezekiel, being blessed with wit and charisma, reassured the creature of the magnificence of the work. Elated, the creature offered several pieces of advice to the travelers, perceiving that they were likely headed towards Ankugawaht. The creature warned them that legions of undead shuffled as mindless guardians outside the walls of the crumbling city, undead that would tear them apart lest they mask the scent of life. Furthermore, the aspiring artist revealed that the Temple of Scourging Storm was situated in a courtyard amongst other rival temples of Set, which would likely the party should they seek to undermine the Temple of the Scourging Storm.

The Scarves ventured forth closer to the city, attempting to obscure themselves from sight by hiding amongst the gigantic ice pillars and spikes that dotted Stygia’s landscape. However, a horrific undead creature with a twisting, impossibly elongated barbed tongue emerged from deep within the ice of such pillars and nearly caught the party by surprise. Both Snaggles and Edmund soon fell victim to the powerful paralyzing ability of the tongue, leaving Ezekiel to best the creature. Just when all seemed lost, Ezekiel was spurred to song and began to play a mournful, haunting tune. The grotesque creature stopped dead immediately and began to sway, as if wholly transfixed by the melancholy tune. Testing the effects of the trance, Ezekiel ordered the undead monstrosity away from the group and towards the city wall’s. After observing the creature do so and then suddenly begin to wander around as if confused some distance away, Ezekiel turned his attention to his friends and assisted their recovery.

Once fully recovered, the party determined that the only way to infiltrate the crumbling walls of the city was to disguise themselves as undead. Spotting a trio of mummies separated from the rest of the teeming undead, the party lured them into a trap. Cleverly using Ezekiel’s newfound abilities, the party were able to isolate each mummy and destroy it, claiming the corpse bandages for their own. Snaggles, emboldened by their victory, decided to bathe in mummy gore, an action that prompted the others to do the same.

Shambling towards the city like mummies, the group managed to infiltrate the hordes of undead wandering outside the city walls, aided by continuous mournful tunes from Ezekiel. However, their efforts did not prove wholly successful, as the adventurers attracted the attention of a gigantic humanoid with the face of a jackal that stood guard next to a hole in the city wall. Catching sight of the towering humanoid lumbering menacingly towards them, Ezekiel directed nearby undead to attack. With a flurry of undead limbs, scores of undead latched onto the jackal-headed creature and brought it crashing to the ground with a thunderous clap. The giant was quickly obscured from sight by a mass of undead and the party quickly made use of the distraction and headed towards one of the numerous holes in Ankugawaht’s walls. Snaggles however, made certain that the giant was truly dead by slicing off a monstrous hand with his axe.

Upon reaching the inner confines of the city, the Scarves quickly determined that few of the mindless undead zombies and mummies lingered within the city. Instead, they observed many different inhabitants, including a race of blue-skinned humanoids who appeared to be thralls or slaves of some kind. After making their way to the temple main courtyard, the party decided to enter the Temple of the Corpse to seek an alliance with them in order to bring down the Temple of the Scourging Storm.

After being escorted to the inner sanctum, a high priest of the temple spoke with the party and agreed to send forces against the Temple of the Scourging Storm, provided that the party infiltrate the temple through the sewers and disable the magical barrier defenses protecting the inner chambers. Before leaving, the priest warned the Scarves of betrayal by showcasing numerous dead devils and other corpses emblazoned with a strange symbol, which translated meant “Oathbreaker”.

Exiting from the Temple of the Corpse, the Scarves quickly made their way to the sewer entrance of their target. Once there, they observed a Scourging Storm taskmaster directing some of the blue-skinned humanoids to work on refortifying the sewer entrance. Snaggles, deciding that this was the best time as any to fulfill the soul request from Anur-Shub, launched an assault on the taskmaster. To the party’s surprise, the seemingly human disciple of Set transformed into a gigantic dire bear and began to trade deadly blows with Snaggles. Despite the power and strength of the beast, Snaggles’ rage proved indomitable and the taskmaster soon fell to the Scarves’ blades, brought low by a vicious swing to the testicles by Snaggles’ axe. Snaggles, triumphant in their victory, quickly removed the dire bear’s giant testicles and mounted one each on his wicked shoulder armor spikes, further transforming him into a terrible visage of destruction.

Before they plunged headfirst into the sewer, Snaggles quickly slew each of the now motionless and direction less thralls and forcibly removed their souls using the Soul Gem. Ezekiel averted his eyes and bowed his head in sorrow, fearing the retribution that was to possibly come for the party’s transgressions. As Edmund began to scout the sewer corridor, Snaggles could only bask in his newfound glory and power as the only barbarian in all the Planes to have dire bear testicles mounted upon his armor. This, he surely thought, would ensure his place in the annals of history.


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